Dancing Petals

From you, love, I take my leave. I take my heart back and bandage its bleeding wounds. Your face was wrought with pain and though I knew it was a torturous death to which I had sentenced you, my lie was stronger, because it held the truth of my family. I chose for you not the death by my father’s hand, not my lips on yours as you drown in your cold blood, but the slow death of my rejection, to die alone and without mortal wound but that, by poison, my own fingers have tricked your heart.

The white water lily shimmerd in the moonlight. With delicate white fingers, she arranged the petals, staring bleakly into the sparkling silver water. Pairs of yellow eyes peered down from the silver willows’ lofty branches and there was gentle movement in the shrubbery caking the edge of the crystalizing lake.

But, danger was not to be found here. He had left on a swift steed, with her necklace of white burning against his chest. He had been banished–rejected; like all evil from that hidden kingdom in the forest. How he had found his way through, no one but her was to know. Yet now, it was only she that knew why he had come.

He came for me.

She started at the sound of her own voice and a slight, pink-shaded petal fluttered into the water and trembled on the previously undestirbed skin. She brought the lily to her mouth and stared down at the lone petal, trembling as if afraid and sending little rings away from it. She could not help pitying this small lily petal, now a stranger to its once familiar flower. If she had broken away from her family at anytime in her life, it wasn’t now. What had occurred years agos was buried in apologies and unsaid forbiddings. Her secret yearnings, her unknown escapes, and her love. Her love that she had promised to….to….and had now sent away. And yet she had given him her necklace as if not to quench his hope.

Did she want him to remember? With dead eyes, she stared at the petal in the water as it started gently twirling as if being caught up in a slow forming whirlpool. Spinning and spinning, then disturbed as a dry oak-leave fell in its path, causing a quake in the dance. Then, stranger still, they spun together. They collided and drew from eachother in their own spinning, then again resumed their dance. It was beautiful and the girl slowly crouched beside the water to watch better. He dark hair fell over her knees and her olive dress touched the water. Then it started snowing.

Once winter has befallen us, I will remember our promise. I will return to that love that burned in my heart as you held me, that rich life that encompassed us and drowned us in wakeful slumber. I’lll come back to you then, if you will take me, and no longer will I wander the path that was made for me, but yours, though uncertain. To you, my love, will return, though I am certain I never left. It was only my thoughts that doubted.

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Leah, thedragonflynet

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