Colors: Pink

Faded rose petals stuffed in faded jean pockets.

Your cheeks are rosy and your mouth is like a small bursting bud.

I could give you the lavender, the baby’s breath and forget-me-nots,

but nothing else would you like better than the faded rose petals in my faded jean pockets.

White-washed, low fences, I run my hand along the top and take care not to crush the softly blushing flakes.

Cottages and lacey baby carriages, this place does not belong to the 21st century.

My sneakers scuff as white pebbles meet sand. I bend down to slip them off my sockless feet, careful lest I molest the delicate little cups.

Pale sky and soft, warm breeze, nothing oppresses, everything gentle.

Your freckled face on a fair, flushed face, looks up from the blanket laid out on the sand as I approach.

Waves lap lazily, children run gayly, and the song of a sparrow glistens like beads of water through the soft, soft, atmosphere of the beach.

A soft, crochet throw blanket with paper plates, and raspberry croissants from Dad’s bakery. A single blushing balloon tied onto a smooth, skipping stone.

Mother is braiding lavender and baby’s breath in your hair, and forget-me-nots lie in your lap.

But as I approach, the flowers fall to your feet and mother’s braids undo behind you as you run to me…in my arms…little sister.

My sneakers dent the sand as I free my hands to lift you up and twirl you round.

The petals are yours, I drop them into your welcoming apron that you hold open to receive your treasures.

I skip stones, you ride on my back, you watch with Mother as Dad and I toss the ball back and forth.

I bring you rosy-cheeked shells and you put them to your ear; you arrange the shells with your rose petals.

So like a fairy, so delicate and how you throw your back your head to laugh at my jokes, so mellow like the lavender, soft like baby’s breath–don’t forget me little sister–remember me in your prayers–

That I may be blessed as I have been today. Although we have nothing, everything I need is right here where you are right now on the beach, holding faded rose petals from my faded jean pockets that I brought for your birthday on this beautiful day.

I haven’t written in a while so I hope I haven’t been completely forgotten! This seems more of a summer poem, but I needed it in my mind so I could picture something other than cold and snow!

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Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet

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