A Poem: Gasping for Breath

I can’t see myself when I look in the mirror

But, I know who’s there and I don’t care

I’ll look the same as before.

Just worse.

I can’t hear myself when I shout at the sky

I haven’t found my voice, but that was my choice

When I told myself ‘goodbye,’

Voice hoarse.

Sometimes at night when I hear the wind blowing

I wish it was cold out, and that it was snowing

So I’d have a reason to keep warm.

If you stay very still, you can hear my heart beating

Be careful though, it’s so close to breaking

Don’t let it fall on the floor.

Sometimes I wonder if smiles get old

Will you still be smiling when you are this old?

Not old like I am, but old as in dying

When you say you’re fine, but really, you’re lying.

I can hold my breath longer than you can

But I can’t hold it as long as my sister can

I might keep holding it, almost to death

And while you are laughing, I’ll still be gasping for breath.

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My thoughts were pretty scattered in this one, but if it was relatable for you in any way, let me know by leaving a comment!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet


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