Dancing with Fate

My life has become an endless dance with Fate

I bow and she curtsies, her smile is somewhat mischievous

Then, with a cold hand, she takes my arm

I try to lead, as it is proper I should, but her grip is strong and she twirls beyond my control

She spins faster and faster and I stumble on my own feet and forget if we are waltzing or fox-trotting

My breath gets heavy, but there is no sheen of sweat on her pale forehead and that sparkle in her eye tells me she won’t be let go so easy

Sometimes I can catch her up in my arms in a slow dance and whisper in her ear that I know who she is

But, she always laughs and pulls away, pulling me after her in a step I do not know and can barely follow

Other times, I try to tear myself away from her, try to find another partner

But I cannot dance with Chance, she always steps on my feet, and never keeps time

Nor can I dance with Certainty, for I can never find her. If I glimpse the gold of her hair through a crowd, she is gone before I can inquire

I must return to my own dear Fate, my beautiful, mysterious lover

The one who won’t let me lead, except in those times when I know her so well, I can take her up in that slow dance and whisper her name

I cannot always lead with her, but she is my only dance partner, so I guess I’ve got to keep going until the music is done

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Leah, thedragonflynet

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