“The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation, of emotion, and of feeling. It is wise, looking past what is on the surface, telling truth from deception. It is also a bridge to the fairy realm, connecting reality with fantasy. ” –The Dragonfly Net

I am a 20-year-old college student, taking my concentration in Literature. After college I plan on taking a Master’s in Fine Arts so I can become a better writer. I write fiction and am currently hard at work finishing what will be my first novel, a Science Fiction.

I enjoy writing about living a healthy lifestyle, self-care, and whole-body wellness.

Aside from a writer, I am also an artist. I love sketching best, but I do paint and make pen and ink artwork. I am currently making my own adult coloring book, which I plan to publish soon.

I am always inspired by creativity, for the creative mind never gets old.

Thank you,

Leah, author of The Dragonfly Net

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