Colors: Yellow

Soft hair in the wind, curls tied up with a scrunchy, long eyelashes and freckles.

Laughter in a sweet voice and white teeth in a sunburned face; creases from smiling too much.

Jean jacket with a flowered dress; laces untied. Tripping on her own feet, then laughing.

Faded jeans with rips, hands in his pockets, hair amiss; wanting to hold her hand.

Daisies and tulips and buttercups and daffidils; sunflowers pinned up in dark hair.

Sneakers and bubblegum; pocket full of loose change, and a sunrise just for two.

Lying down exhausted from a run down the hill, breathing in the scent of the ocean.

Saying goodbye as it’s just getting dark, and accidently tripping into a kiss.

Then fuzzy socks and tea with a book, curled up in a hammock in the evening.

Or laughing with Grandpa while singing on the porch swing, making memories that last forever.

Today was so bright, the sun was so warm, the smiles so exhaustingly blissly.

Now to get ice-cream with little sister, wearing lace socks and bruises, and coming back home for a movie.

What do you associate with the color yellow?

Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet

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