A Poem: Found You at Last

Time stops.

I stare out before me with the world spread about me

And the atmospheres cease to be dim.

I hold my breath.

This place that I knew once–it gave me a life once

Is no longer familiar, but strange.

I close my eyes.

This feeling I get from you is pulling me close to you

And I know that it’s time to go.

I take a breath.

This new life you offer me, it now seems to call to me

And I can no longer hide.

I set my feet.

The horizon before me is right where you beckon me

Straight to the rising sun.

I run.

Not away from, but towards you, simply ’cause I love you

And now there is no other way.

I leap.

The air above beckons me, whispering, ‘trust me’

And now it’s too late to turn back.

I fly.

The air is so cold up here; I cannot see you here

Our distance seems only to grow.

I fall.

The sky shatters behind you, but somehow, I trust you

You wouldn’t leave me for dead.


Then you catch me; I feel you all around me

You are warm, I’m content, we are safe.

I sleep.

With you right beside me, Nothing can harm me

Now I know I have found you at last.

I’m open to prompts for my next poem. If you have any ideas or requests, leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet

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