Colors: Blue

A soft-lighted day, breezy and mild, completed with the bleating of sheep.

Smooth pebbles on the sand, stray strings and little fluffy clouds.

The knoll is quite round and we sit on the very top as you play with a piece of my hair.

Seagulls, wheat fields, and Dorothy from The Wisard of Oz.

You think I don’t know, but that ribbon I lost when I was eight is in your pocket; yet, since you are there, I know it’s not lost.

Soft teddy bears, love notes, wood floors and teacups with Dutch paintings of windmills.

My hair is in braids, but the strands that you play with are soft and they curls at the ends.

Aprons and baking, and the rattling of Grandmother’s china cabinet when anyone’s in the room.

There are seagulls soaring overhead, but I am not watching, my gaze is fixed in your deep ocean eyes.

Curtains blowing in the breeze, robins’ eggs, Mother hanging up laundry while two small children play on the swings.

Bliss is the word that comes into my head as my hand moves to the basket that is nestled between us.

Cotton balls, my rustic vanity mirror with your collection of seaglass mixed in with my veltvet lipsticks.

Our small son is sleeping, he looks faraway, in a land covered with vast open skies.

Raindrops on forget-me-nots, necklaces of daisies, and little baby shoes with bows.

As evening passes with drenches of cold ink, I rest my head on your chest and we look up to the stars.

Warth, softness, and sleep; ocean spray and bare feet; slender fingers entwined in rough, strong ones.

I have not spoken for nearly an hour and merely nod at the words you whisper in my ear.

Soft kisses, warm hands, fuzzy blankets, and hot chocolate in thermoses that I brought with us.

Safe, warm, happy. Breezy, blissful, beautiful.

I know blue is usually considered a sad color, but I desided to go with a peaceful and happy, yet still meloncholic blue.

What things do you associate with the color blue?

Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet

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