Nature Therapy: Exposure to Nature Can Improve Your Health!

Have you ever heard of someone who spent their vacation exclusively indoors? For those of you that have, your thought process might have been similar to mine-Isn’t that kind of a waste of money? To go away, but not go outside?

What is it about the outdoors that we love so much? What is it about nature that we find so relaxing? Everyone enjoys a spa more if they are surrounded with tropical plants and bubbling fountains. And, wouldn’t you rather exercise outside rather than in a sweaty gym?

It’s not just a coincidence that people come back from nature walks and outdoor vacations feeling refreshed and happier. Nature can actually improve your health.

Want to know more?

First, I will tell you about trees. People have known for a long time how important trees are to our survival. They are a source of oxygen, they feed off of our eliminated carbon dioxide, and their roots hold the earth together. Basic stuff. But, that’s not the only thing trees provide us with.

Ever heard of ecotherapy?

Also known as nature therapy, ecotherapy is spending time among trees and foliage in the outdoors for the purpose of relaxing, relieving stress, and just feeling better in general. Now, I don’t want to get all scientific in this post, so I might be short on some details.

In order to reap the benefits of ecotherapy, all that is needed is for you to surround yourself with trees. The more trees, the better the results. You could take a hike, a walk, or simply just find a nice spot to sit. You just need to be close to trees for it to benefit you!

Try it out today!

Now, what about the sun? I know many people today believe that the sun is harmful for you, and getting a tan is unhealthy. But, let me say now,

We NEED the sun!

Sure, getting burned is terrible for your skin, but we need the sun in order to receive vitamin D! The ‘winter blues’ are a result of our body getting not enough vitamin D because the sun is more scarce in the winter time. Vitamin D from the sun can also be received through your eyes. Of course, don’t be looking at the sun, but, exposing yourself to sunlight will help your body to recieve vitamin D through you eyes.

You can also get vitamin D, and other great minerals, from dirt! If you garden without gloves, you know what I mean. I find that my hands get softer and my nails get stronger. Strenuous work with rock and gravel do not produce these results, I’m sure, but you will notice a difference with soft work in rich dirt.

What about the sounds of nature?

My cousin used to listen to recorded nature sounds before sleeping because it relaxed her. I know for me, I could lie all day on a beach, listening to the sounds of the waves! I won’t go into any proof with the benefits of nature sounds, because I don’t think it’s needed. I know from experience that waves, crickets, wind, and the other instruments of Nature’s symphony relax me and make me feel happier and less stressed. Many people keep fountains and bubbling rocks in and outside of their homes because the sound produces positive activity in the brain.


We, as humans, are meant to be close to nature! It’s so much more difficult in the modern world to embrace nature because of all the technology that is being thrown at us. It’s hard to find a haven in this world of craziness–but, it is not impossible!

So, what is your plan? Did this post give a little more insight on the benefits of nature? Do you think you will make a little more time for nature therapy in your self-care routine?

Let me know!

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Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet



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