It was not Fate

He had light green eyes and was dark and curious, like a cat forever exploring new corners and testing old rules.

Her hair was burnt auburn and her eyes glowed a fiery cognac, staring suspiciously from her freckled face as she created mischief she would never account for.

He hid his strength; and that he cared so much, no one would have guessed. His laughter was fake, but his pain was sincere, and he wore the skin of a boyish trickster as a disguise.

She had no confidence, but control was secretly hers, though she played the part of the victim. She never spoke, but her anger needed no words. She coveted the ones she loved, but no one yet held her trust.

He came from a family who loved him, and from it, he ran. He ran to protect them and give them a better life. And everyone thought he was an outcast.

She had a broken family, where promises were forgotten, things that needed to be said were not, and ones that should not have died did. And she taught herself not to depend on them.

He gained her trust by letting down his guard. She earned his love by letting him care. It was not fate, but it was something as simple as two broken people trying to be whole, like a new quilt made from the scraps of two blankets.

They became like the ropes of one swing, like the verses of one song, and under one starry sky, they became like two lovers with the same heart.

But, trust can be broken, and love can be tested.

For, he was a thief, and she was under contract. He stole her dreams and she destroyed his world. He caused her to hate him and she made herself to be feared.

Worlds crashed down around them, but, in the end, they were together, one last time. He could have run away to save himself, but, amidst the ashes and smithereens, he never left her. Through blood and deadly horror, he chose to protect her.

Lights fading out and the last of her voice screaming his name, Fate remained silent. Nothing would hold her back from him now. She had found her voice and, with it, the one she loved.

He saved her, and for that, she could not forget, because, after everything had been said and done, he still cared.

It was not fate. No, it was love.

This was based off of two characters in the novel I am in the process of writing.

Do they seem believable to you?

Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet

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