A Poem: That I Don’t Stand and Watch

Somewhere down the road, there will be a future me, a new me.

I hope I will have changed to be better, grown to be stronger, and learned to see the world as it really is.

And I hope that when I see something wrong, that I don’t stand and watch.

When bad things happen, when there is a crisis, when somebody’s hurt, or when I hear a call for help,

That I don’t stand and watch.

When the world becomes a worse place and no one dares to change,

That I don’t stand and watch.

When the government turns on us, and when the grid is shut down,

I hope there is someone to turn to.

When there is no more food and the power is out,

I hope that someone lends a hand.

When it is cold and there is nothing to make a fire,

I hope someone opens their door. 

I hope that person is me. I hope that I can give hope as much as I hope for myself. 

I hope that when the only word left in this world is hope…that I can bear it without ceasing and give it without regret.

I hope that my future self will make a difference; will change the world.

But for now, I stand and watch.

If you enjoyed this poem, please let me know by liking it and following my blog! I’m still new to poetry and still learning so if you have any suggestions, please comment!

Thank you


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