Night Owl

That night when I crept into bed

I did not want to go

Not to be quiet with these thoughts in my head

Thoughts that only in the darkness would show…

Sometimes I wish that, instead of sleeping, I could just wander around in the dark, letting myself dream while staying fully conscious. It is only when everything else gets perfectly quiet that my thoughts are truly the loudest. I like to think of myself as nocturnal sometimes, because I commonly get irritated by the sun and get energized as soon as it’s dark.

I wish I had really good night vision. I wish I could be as silent as a cat. I wish I wasn’t afraid to disappear into the night.

Nighttime is a time for books read by flashlight; for tents made of blankets and hot chocolate and fireflies. For cozy sweaters and the sharing of secrets. It’s where the best ideas are born and when the craziest dreams come true.

I imagine being in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower at midnight, or dancing in a meadow, chasing fireflies. I imagine playing violin on the docks, letting the music sour and echo over the water,  or simply lying in the back of a truck, watching the stars.

Maybe someday, I’ll go on an adventure, at night, when everyone else is asleep. What a wonderful adventure that would be. Do you want to come?

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