The Girl in the Water

Beautif’lly, the girl in the water, she peers up through the mirk.

“Oh, pretty girl, where come you from to end up where you lurk?”

I wave my hand, and she waves back, her smile matches mine.

And from my seat up’on the turf, I see she fairs not fine.

Like me she suffers trials a’ day, like me she holds it back.

Her voiceless pain is voiced to me, hers are the words I lack.

“Oh, pretty girl, come out to me, I know we’d make good friends!

I’d read’ly share my thoughts with you, and all that friendship rends.”

But, she was there, and I was here, sep’rated by wet sheet,

Happ’ly I’d go down to her, but  ’tis so cold on feet!

So I just stare and she stares back, returns my sprited hails.

From ‘neath what lies the lily pads, and lilies long green tails.

But, some day soon, when weather’s fair, and flockas are green and fresh,

I’ll take me down beneath the gloom to touch her cold, pale flesh.

I know she’d wait, she wait for me, an ‘cept me where she dwells.

I’d come, I would tho’ say I’m nuts, lust reflection in the swells.

Idiots they that say me so, that cast me for Narc’ssus who drown.

For I’m no god, my smarts not cheap, no empty brain ‘neath crown.

“Oh pretty girl, how can you me?–You cannot be me–I’m sure!

For, I’m no beauty, no I’m a man! And my lust I ‘spose is no cure.”

This sorry attempt at poetry is, at least, what I can call an improvement of some of my other sorry attempts. The rythm and rhyming can be so difficult to get down right! Still a learning process 🙂

However, if you found some joy in it, please be sure to like, comment and follow me!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Leah, thedragonflynet

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